Why 75feet

We create homes beyond housing and communities beyond homes.

At 75feet we soon realized that it was necessary to go beyond basics and create a platform that could do much more than just solve the immediate problems of space and peripherals. With globalization and communication taking a forefront, we are aware that society is becoming more disparate. Our response to this is - No city should be a stranger; no person should feel discriminated.

The philosophy behind 75feet grew to create an inclusive living environment where youth have choices but are also required to take ownership. Tenants would have options so that they could choose according to their budget and personal preferences. The burden on owners would get reduced - to look for responsible tenants, do background checks and chase after tenants to pay in their dues. In the future, we believe 75feet as a platform will grow in many other directions, with housing as the core focus.

Post your property with us now

We help land lords collect rent on time and mentain property.